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When shipping your finishing, please be sure you send to our new, expanded location at 9814 Clayton Rd., St. Louis, MO 63124. Now open!

Once you’ve finished your needlepoint projects, you may need some help finishing them. We offer extraordinary finishing on all kinds of items:

2020 Finishing Deadlines

Sign of the Arrow strives to complete as many projects as possible before Christmas every year. In previous years our guaranteed deadline has been the beginning of August and we have routinely been able to finish some items that were brought in past the deadline. This year’s stay-at-home orders throughout the United States have resulted in a resurgence of needlepointing with both experienced and novice stitchers alike. (What a great time to indulge in our favorite past-time and not feel like we were putting off something else we needed to be doing!) This has created an unusual and unpredictable situation with regards to our finishing services and makes planning an exact date for a deadline more difficult. We suggest that you send your finishing in as soon as possible and don’t wait until you have completed stitching every project. If you are intending to ship a gift, you will need to allow extra time and get your projects to us sooner. Our finishers have been working in their homes throughout the pandemic and we will continue to re-evaluate the amount of finishing we are receiving with regards to a deadline. Thank you for understanding while we take a wait-and-see approach and we promise to continue to deliver excellent finishing in as timely a manner as possible.


We also offer custom design, canvas painting and stitching. Whether you’re looking for a themed belt for that special someone, or a specially finished pillow or ornament, Sign of the Arrow is here to help.

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